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Well at least if you are a photographer. For years Schwarz Weiss Club Pforzheim has managed to organise an immensely good looking event in CongressCentrum Pforzheim. The venue itself is already pretty good looking but especially the way they light the room and particularly the floor makes it a dream for photographers. Beautiful bright, neutral and even light is used to light the dancers. Showing them in great contrast to the dark wood surroundings. Colourful light projections on those... Read More
We do not only do photography but also run a dance fashion atelier, V-studio dance fashion.  We produce tailor-made dresses for latin and ballroom dancing, evening wear and more. For... Read More
Photos from the red carpet at Goldstadtpokal 2018 are now available to order at (Clicking on the photos below will automatically take you there)... Read More
This article originally appeared as Sport in Abendkleidung – Die Deutsche Meisterschaft im Formationstanz on Sigma Germanys blog. Saturday November 11th, 2017: outside it is cold and grey as we walk towards the ÖVB Arena in Bremen. In the arena, however, everything looks completely different: lots of color and glitter, a great atmosphere. On this day, German closed championships formation dance are held here. A big event with 8,000 spectators, 256 dancers in 16 teams... Read More

Months in Review

The month that belongs to the wonderful danceComp in Wuppertal, the megathlon... Read More
Audi Freiwilligentag, ‘Ist doch Ehrensache!’ and a lot of private things this... Read More
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Formation dancing was the theme of this month. 1. Bundesliga Latin Formations... Read More
Goldstadtpokal in Pforzheim, quite possibly the most beautiful competition of the year... Read More

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