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I’m fascinated by train stations. People, leading lines, lots of colours and more. In other words lots and lots of opportunities for interesting subjects and compositions. A trip home by... Read More
Olympiastadion (German pronunciation: [ʔoˈlʏmpi̯aːˌʃtaːdi̯ɔn]) is a stadium located in Munich, Germany. Situated at the heart of the Olympiapark München in northern Munich, the stadium was built as the main venue... Read More
There is a big bonus to traveling by train. You have to wait at train stations and often need to take a tunnel or two to get where you want to be. Both subjects are photographically interesting as they naturally offer leading lines. And of course one is often not waiting alone, people of all sorts and breeds do the same. Offering heaps of opportunities for some people/street photography. As the station is almost never... Read More
Ludwigsburg – 03.03.2018: Blau-Weiss Buchholz A at 1. Bundesliga der Lateinformationen in Ludwigsburg (Rundsporthalle), Germany on March 3 2018. Photo by: vstudio.photosIn formation dancing a lot happens in a wide horizontal plane. When we take photos though that often means there is a lot of wasted space above and/or below the actual action. Those parts then start to fight for attention too. But we like to focus on the action. One simple solution is to... Read More
We do not only do photography but also run a dance fashion atelier, V-studio dance fashion.  We produce tailor-made dresses for latin and ballroom dancing, evening wear and more. For this part of our business we visited the Munich Fabric Start fair. Looking for fabrics and getting inspired. But as we are also photographers we couldn’t leave the camera at home and took the sd Quattro with us. Attached to it was the 30mm F1.4 DC... Read More

Months in Review

German closed championships ballroom dancing for youth and juniors in Stuttgart Feuerbach, something with a bow and arrow and the... Read More
A Foveon kind of month. Took the Sigma sd Quattro, equipped with the Foveon sensor, with me to München for... Read More
August, always one of the busiest months of the year. With the annual Kerwe right on our doorstep as well... Read More
The month that belongs to the wonderful danceComp in Wuppertal, the megathlon in Radolfszell and very beautiful moon eclipse. ... Read More
Audi Freiwilligentag, ‘Ist doch Ehrensache!’ and a lot of private things this month.... Read More
An interview at Audi Sport, Superkombi Enzklösterle, German Championships Seniors Latin and Youth and Juniors 10-dance, Lapp Sales managers meeting... Read More
Formation dancing was the theme of this month. 1. Bundesliga Latin Formations in Ludwigsburg and once more in Bremen. But... Read More
Two events that had to do with 1. TCL Ludwigsburg. While one of us flew with the Ballroom Formation Team... Read More
Goldstadtpokal in Pforzheim, quite possibly the most beautiful competition of the year and the start of the 1. Bundesliga Ballroom... Read More

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