Photo essay: Formation dancesport in cinematic view, the wide scope.

Ludwigsburg – 03.03.2018: Blau-Weiss Buchholz A at 1. Bundesliga der Lateinformationen in Ludwigsburg (Rundsporthalle), Germany on March 3 2018. Photo by: vstudio.photosIn formation dancing a lot happens in a wide horizontal plane. When we take photos though that often means there is a lot of wasted space above and/or below the actual action. Those parts

Goldstadtpokal, quite possibly the most beautiful competition of the year

Well at least if you are a photographer. For years Schwarz Weiss Club Pforzheim has managed to organise an immensely good looking event in CongressCentrum Pforzheim. The venue itself is already pretty good looking but especially the way they light the room and particularly the floor makes it a dream for photographers. Beautiful bright, neutral and even

Sport in evening dresses – The German closed championships formation dance

This article originally appeared as Sport in Abendkleidung – Die Deutsche Meisterschaft im Formationstanz on Sigma Germanys blog. Saturday November 11th, 2017: outside it is cold and grey as we walk towards the ÖVB Arena in Bremen. In the arena, however, everything looks completely different: lots of color and glitter, a great atmosphere. On this

Coaching in the moment.

Formation dancesport is an interesting discipline in itself. Sixteen dancers trying to perform a complex choreography simultaneous. This can offer very interesting photography. Not in the least because the dancers seem to get very energised during their performance delivering a photographer great facial expressions to work with. But another thing that is very different in

Stretching time

German Championships Formations Jazz- and Moderndance Last weekend I challenged myself a little by shooting a different kind of dancing competition than I’m used to. I spend two days in the Sporthalle Am Hallo in Essen shooting the German Championships Formations Jazz- and Moderndance. I now have around six thousand photos to sort through, with a