Photo essay: Formation dancesport in cinematic view, the wide scope.

Ludwigsburg – 03.03.2018: Blau-Weiss Buchholz A at 1. Bundesliga der Lateinformationen in Ludwigsburg (Rundsporthalle), Germany on March 3 2018. Photo by: vstudio.photosIn formation dancing a lot happens in a wide horizontal plane. When we take photos though that often means there is a lot of wasted space above and/or below the actual action. Those parts then start to fight for attention too. But we like to focus on the action. One simple solution is to crop those parts out and in this case I used the cinematic 2.39:1 crop, a size often used for movies. It tends to work great when there is a lot going on in the frame or when it is quite empty. In this post I focus on the wide ones where there is a lot going on. In the future I will make a post where the focus is on the emptier and closer shots.