Hessen Tanzt

Every year Hessen Tanzt is one of the highlights of the year for me. This competition with more than 6.000 dancers from Germany and neighbouring countries is one of the worlds biggest amateur competitions. They are simultaneously taking place on up to 8 floors simultaneously. That in itself is an enormous achievement by the organisation and a true sight to behold.

What makes this competition extra special is the venue. The Eissporthalle in Frankfurt am Main provides interesting filtered daylight inside which gives it a special atmosphere. That results in photos that always look quite different from your average dance sport photos. I really love shooting here and using that special light to my advantage. The fact that the competition is free for spectators to attend makes it even more interesting as it is always nicer with a lot of public.

The above photos are part of the harvest from last year. Looking forward to shoot again at this competition this weekend. See you all in Frankfurt!