Months in Review

The most telling shots from each month

German closed championships ballroom dancing for youth and juniors in Stuttgart Feuerbach, something with a bow and arrow... Read More
A Foveon kind of month. Took the Sigma sd Quattro, equipped with the Foveon sensor, with me to... Read More
August, always one of the busiest months of the year. With the annual Kerwe right on our doorstep... Read More
The month that belongs to the wonderful danceComp in Wuppertal, the megathlon in Radolfszell and very beautiful moon... Read More
Audi Freiwilligentag, ‘Ist doch Ehrensache!’ and a lot of private things this month.... Read More
Hessen Tanzt in the Eissporthalle in Frankfurt and a bug ūüėČ... Read More
An interview at Audi Sport, Superkombi Enzklösterle, German Championships Seniors Latin and Youth and Juniors 10-dance, Lapp Sales... Read More
Formation dancing was the theme of this month. 1. Bundesliga Latin Formations in Ludwigsburg and once more in... Read More
Two events that had to do with 1. TCL Ludwigsburg. While one of us flew with the Ballroom... Read More
Goldstadtpokal in Pforzheim, quite possibly the most beautiful competition of the year and the start of the 1.... Read More