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I’m fascinated by train stations. People, leading lines, lots of colours and more. In other words lots and lots of opportunities for interesting subjects and compositions. A trip home by train, from a little bit south of Stuttgart, therefore was a great way to get better acquainted with a recently acquired new piece of gear, the Canon EOS R. Using the EF to RF adapter I used the Sigma 24-70mm f2.8 Art lens and used... Read More
Olympiastadion (German pronunciation: [ʔoˈlʏmpi̯aːˌʃtaːdi̯ɔn]) is a stadium located in Munich, Germany. Situated at the heart of the Olympiapark München in northern Munich, the stadium was built as the main venue... Read More
In front of the public in Halle 7 of the ÖVB Arena in Bremen the Latin formation teams of the 1. Bundesliga showed their absolute best. But before they shine there a lot is going on, in this case literally,  behind the curtains. Warming-up, going through key elements of the choreo and team motivation. It all happens out of sight of the public. In this gallery I show a few of those moments that otherwise... Read More
Last weekend I put on a suit to shoot dancesport as the occasion was a Galaball to celebrate 50 years 1.TC Ludwigsburg. Part of this evening were the regional championships in Latin dancing of Baden Württemberg. Regional championships doesn’t sound like it is something of the highest level but with the currently ranked number 3 couple of the world it was really something to look forward to. 1.TC Ludwigsburg put together are very entertaining evening... Read More
We do not only do photography but also run a dance fashion atelier, V-studio dance fashion.  We produce tailor-made dresses for latin and ballroom dancing, evening wear and more. For... Read More
Photos from the red carpet at Goldstadtpokal 2018 are now available to order at (Clicking on the photos below will automatically take you there)... Read More
Formation dancesport is an interesting discipline in itself. Sixteen dancers trying to perform a complex choreography simultaneous. This can offer very interesting photography. Not in the least because the dancers... Read More
It’s been a while, isn’t it? Over 2 years actually since I actively posted on this website. I guess this was due to the rise of social media on one hand and a rise in workload on the other hand. Facebook and Instagram took over as my main sources of sharing my work. But I now feel it is time that this website gets some attention again. A lot has happened in those two years.... Read More

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